Virtual Contract Freelance Paralegal Services

Are you looking to contract or freelance out your work? An Independent Virtual Legal Assistant or Virtual Paralegal can help.

Tired of spending too much money to hire an "employee" to do the work, or hiring temporary help with little or no office or legal experience? You may want to consider contracting with an Independent Freelance Virtual paralegal. An Independent Paralegal is a less expensive alternative to hiring or using a temporary service to prepare legal documents, perform legal research, and other law office duties. 

What we can do for you.

The Virtual Contract Freelance Paralegal can perform any office administration duties, including drafting correspondence, data entry, scheduling, digital legal transcription, prepare legal documents for court filing, legal research, draft responses, briefs, stipulations, motions, trial preparation, draft discovery responses, summarize medical records and depositions, create Powerpoint presentations and so much more. We provide administrative work to all business entities, including attorneys and lawyers. All work is completed virtually via email, collaboration software, fax or regular mail for cost efficiency. All work completed by The Virtual Contract Freelance Paralegal is performed on an independent contract freelance basis, and not as an employee. This allows your business or law firm to save time and money. Contact The Independent Contract Freelance Paralegal today. References are available upon request.

You may find The Virtual Contract Freelance Paralegal's work samples here.

“With 17 years experience as a paralegal in various areas of law, and experience in office administration, you will be provided with efficient and quality work. If you are seeking paralegal services, I am able to prepare documents for any jurisdiction within the United States of America, so long as it is supervised by an attorney.”
Dawn M. Draper, Paralegal

All freelance contract paralegal and any independant contract work performed by The Virtual Paralegal must be supervised by an attorney. We cannot give legal advice or perform legal work for individuals. If you are interested in becoming a Virtual Paralegal, please view information on our EBOOK and learn "How to Become a Successful Virtual Paralegal".

Virtual Advantages

By utilizing an independent freelance or contract virtual assistant or independant contract virtual paralegal versus an employee, you can save hundreds of dollars a year. You save on office equipment, supplies, employment taxes, dental/health/retirement benefits, and time spent on the task at hand. A contract virtual legal assistant or virtual paralegal is time efficient and can get the job completed generally in half the time an in house employee can accomplish the same task.

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  • Legal document preparation (All jurisdictions)
  • Legal research
  • Deposition summarization
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Draft correspondence
  • Motions & Responses
  • Manage calendars and schedules
  • Data entry services
  • Digital transcription
  • Transcription Services
  • Medical Summaries
  • More services...